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Aloe & Propolis Toothpaste 100ml
Toothpaste for sensitive teeth & gums. A safe and natural combination of Aloe Ferox and Rooibos ..
Ex Vat: R38
Deodorant Body Wash with Probiotics 250ml
Refreshing anti-microbial herbal deodorant body wash with natural anti-microbial herbs: Olive leaf, ..
Ex Vat: R58
Herbal Anti-microbial Mouthwash 250ml
Nature Fresh Herbal Anti-microbial Mouthwash with Xylitol and herbal extracts. Fresh & natural o..
Ex Vat: R65
Junior Toothpaste Strawberry 75ml
With Rooibos, Calendula and special NATURAL FLUORIDE (calc fluor D6) Safe for babies to swallow or u..
Ex Vat: R35
Natural Intimate Vaginal Cleanser Rooibos & Herb
No perfume or colouring. Rooibos & Herbal Extracts for personal freshness. This mild new formula..
Ex Vat: R63
Natural Intimate Vaginal Cleanser Tea Tree & Herb
Nature Fresh Natural Intimate Vaginal Cleanser - No perfume or colouring. Tea Tree Oil is an effecti..
Ex Vat: R63
Sensitive Body Wash with 15 Probiotics 250ml
Gentle cleansing of sensitive, inflamed, broken skin. Ideal for babies or for post-op. care. Super m..
Ex Vat: R59
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