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Protective African Medicine combined with the power of Orgonite.


Quartz Crystals, African Herbal Muti, Leaf gold, Orgonite mix in earthy colours, Crushed hematite, Cowrie shells


The African Muti HHG has the following ingedients:

  • 5 Quartz Crystals, often double terminated, in the usual arrangement
  • African Herbal Muti from Dr. Chipangula, Malawi
  • Leaf gold
  • Orgonite mix in earthy colours
  • Black tourmaline
  • Crushed hematite
  • Cowrie shells (the traditional money of West Africa)

The power of the muti is being potentiated by the orgonite mix. The herbal Muti is designed to promote the general wellbeing of the wearer and protect him or her from psychic and other attacks, sending all evil intentions directed at the wearer or owner of the muti back to source in multiplied strength. The Muti is embedded in a smaller gold leaf covered capsule of orgonite to prevent "bleeding out" of etheric oils or other substances contained in the herbal substances of the Muti. This capsule is made in a cross shaped form.

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